About the school

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Atmakuri Rama Rao school, one of the leading schools in Hyderabad, providing culturally rich education, empowers the mind, body and spirit. With technologically equipped infrastructure and with greenery around, our school caters to the needs of the students in every developmental aspect. We have a holistic approach toward the curriculum and the department of sports has always strove to help us build our physique.

Our objective is to make the students of BVBARRS proud of the country’s rich heritage, inculcate values and ethics in them and train them to become responsible citizens.

Our school is one among the top ten Bhavan’s schools. International School Award (2016- 19), Green School Award, HMDA HSL- Outstanding Performance Award, Brainfeed School Excellence Award, Active school Award, National School Sanitation Award and Paryavaran Mitra Award are only a few laurels mentioned here.

It’s a matter of pride to be a part of the Bhavan’s family; headed by our principal, Dr. R.A. Rani who has been the guiding light in various walks of our lives all through our years here.

Student-friendly environment, knowledge-driven by curiosity and success attained through encouragement have made schooling a fun-filled learning experience and our school, a haven for young minds.