Executive Board

Introducing the Chairperson of UNODC:-


Timothy Preetham is a graduate of B Com from St. Mary’s college Yousufguda. He is currently working at Amazon International Services As a communications expert for the North American countries. He has been to 23 MUNs in my career and delegated with the best of delegates and has walked the hard path to success. Apart from MUNing and studying he  is greatly fond of sports with playing both football and chess till the CBSE National level. He has also completed grade 6 in classical violin from symphony school of music. Overall he believes that happiness is the most powerful tool in a man’s Arsenal, use it to your advantage.


Introducing the Co Rapporteur of UNODC:-


Mohd Ataur Rahman is a second year BE student at MVSR Engineering College. He started MUNing just 6 months back and MUNs have become an integral part of hisl life from absolutely nothing. Apart from MUNs, he love sketching and participating in quizzes. Also he doesn’t mind playing football the whole day. It gives him immense pleasure to serve as the Co-Rapporteur of UNODC at BVBARRS MUN ’18.  He’s Looking forward for an enthralling debate. All the best!


Introducing the Rapporteur of UNODC:-

IMG_20181006_141613 (2)

Tarun M. is currently studying 10th Grade in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School. He has attended 15 MUNs and was the Secretary-General for BVBJHMUN 2018. He is fond of reading books and watching NBA and anime. he is an active participant in various kinds of Literary Competitions like Quizzes and Debates. He believes that impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of Fools.


Introducing the Chairperson of WHO:-


My name is Abhipriti, and I am a final year student at JNTUH Hyderabad, and I will be serving as the Chairperson of WHO.

My MUN journey began in 9th grade, and I have been a passionate MUNner ever since. Being a very approachable person, I will do my best to ensure every delegate has an opportunity to present their opinions, and I hope to motivate you to equip yourselves with the necessary skills to take forward your MUN journey See you there! Good luck.


Introducing the Chairperson of WHO:-


Hello, I am Revannth a final year student of CBIT and I am delighted to be the chair of WHO. Being a Computer Science student, I for one really appreciate the qualities of critical thinking, negotiating and research that MUNs instill in a delegate and proactively help students build these skills. Looking forward to a good debate.

All the best!


Introducing the Rapporteur of WHO:-

IMG-20180923-WA0002 (1)

Srija Reddy. She is a 10th grader at Sentia the Global School and is an absolute MUN fanatic. She began her journey a year ago and has been to 5+ MUNs, winning accolades in almost all of them. She is your quintessential debater who takes interest in political science. A Cavaliers fan(played state level herself), Marvel-freak, Mathematical Genius(not really) and Physics enthusiast, Srija is a fun-filled personality with just the right amount of sarcasm. She is ecstatic to see all of you at BVBARRS MUN 2018 and guarantees enticing debate. If you see her, go ahead and talk to her, she won’t disappoint.


Introducing the Chairperson of UNICEF:-


Deepshika started attending MUNs back in 2014, she has been to around 30 MUNs till date, in the capacity of a delegate, International Press member and as an Executive Board member. Deepshika is currently pursuing her 11th DP at Oakridge Newton Campus, Hyderabad. Considering that she will be a part of one of the principal organs of the MUN, she expects a high level of debate and intricate research from all the delegates. Deepshika is looking forward to seeing you all at the conference. End of the day, it’s the experience and memories you make that count.


Introducing the Vice-chair of UNICEF:-


kyathi is a 10 grader studying in drs international, Hyderabad . She loves participating in outdoor activities and loves volunteering and giving back to society through community engagement activities such as helping raise funds. She also visits blue cross to help out the tiny friends. She has been munning since 3 years and has been totally obsessed with any kind of debate . Kyathi feels that muns helps substantially improve our knowledge .

And she strives to bring an eccentric platform for deliberation, cooperation and hope that each delegate visions in a committee. Apart from munning , she is a bookworm. She loves to read books, especially romance and thrillers. She has also been into Ted clubs and toast masters debate. Kyathi loves outdoors and is an easy going person. And she is really excited to meet y’all at the conference .


Introducing the Co-Vice-chair of UNICEF:-


I am Sharan Veluri studying 11th grade at Meluha International school. I am a huge Brooklyn 99, PSG and soccer fan and aspire to become an aerospace engineer. I am a crisis enthusiast with great expertise in MUNs and I look forward to seeing you at BVBARRS MUN 2018. good luck!


Introducing the Chairperson of UCC:-

IMG_20181006_142009_916 (1)

Introducing Mir Mustafa Ali Hasan; A dexterous Public Speaker and Problem Solver, who will surely charm you with his amiable nature. An aspiring lawyer, he has served in over 30 MUNs with optimal performance, Mustafa has gained a liking towards Crisis and Disarmament Committees. He enjoys preoccupying himself with Harry Potter and various Netflix series’. To add to his dynamic personality, he is proficient in Horse Riding and Cooking. He might be a Bollywood buff, but his dreams are realistic; with the aim of joining the Legal Wing of the United Nations one day, Mustafa is going to see this as an opportunity in disguise of a privilege to be a part of the Executive Board. Now that all is said and done, with Mir Mustafa, a successfully enriching, insightful, memorable experience is ensured.


Introducing the Vice-chair of UCC:


Bharadwaj ysn is a 12th grader at Kmiit (Hyderabad)
He is an enthusiastic  munner and has MUN experience around 18 in Hyderabad and Kerala circuit taking part as both delegate and executive board and IP head. He has very different taste of arms and security and crisis committees , DISEC is the one committee which he loves the most. Apart from munning he is a passionate photographer and pursuing a diploma in photography and he loves to capture the world through the lens of the camera. This is his first 3 MUN as a EB member and he is looking forward to meet you all at the conference.

Introducing the Co-Vice Chair for UCC:-


Revanth balmuri is a proud student of Meluha International School and is in 12th grade. He is a crisis enthusiast. He loves reading Tom Clancy’s novels and watching Netflix.


Introducing the Chairperson of FAO:-


A closet introvert within an extrovert, Nidhi loves indulging in good books and music (regardless of their genre or language), dispensing free advice, and is a stickler for 3 AM conversations, solo dance parties, and reckless online shopping. Rebel man by birth and a feminist by upbringing, mansplaining makes her furious but hey,  she accepts apologies in the form of displays of acquired common sense and cupcakes! Although she’s currently studying law and hopes to teach it eventually, deep down in all honesty she wishes she could just google puns, bake, eat cheese and watch re-runs of Friends or GoT all day for a living. On a more MUNdane note, Nidhi enjoys the occasional MUN, moot, or debate, and was once an active presence in the circuit has been a part of Harvard MUN and Ivy League MUN Conference, among other such notable events.


Introducing the Vice Chair of FAO:-


Avirath Tibrewala is a high functioning sociopath and student currently in the 11th grade(though he doesn’t look like it) in Chirec International pursuing the IBDP program. He is an avid MUNner and is fascinated by artificial intelligence and machine learning. He dreams of becoming the CEO of Apple. Avirath is a professional coder and also loves playing football, his favorite team being FC Barcelona(don’t disagree with him on that one). Till date, Avirath has a record of losing 45 bets at a stretch and owes a fortune to friends and family. He loves photography and animals, working with the WWF to raise awareness against animal cruelty. He also is very fond of TV shows especially Sherlock and Arrow. Avirath loves debates, proving the DC Universe is better than Marvel and will ensure that every delegate has an enriching and lovable experience.


Introducing the Rapporteur of FAO:-


Shrey Agarwal is a jovial person, a sport enthusiast with exceptional talent in Table Tennis. With an experience of 5+ MUN’s he is here as the rapporteur of your committee. With his experience, he will be there to help you through your munning experience and guide you through the committee procedure.


Introducing the Chairperson of CSW:-


Kartheek Vegesana is a 11th grader studying in DPS Hyderabad, bold enough to choose the humanities stream. Along with his many interests and hobbies from learning about different kinds of conflicts in the world to playing FIFA, he’s an A grade otaku. MUNing for over two years now, it has helped him grow in a lot of aspects inspiring him to pursue law in the near future.


Introducing the Vice Chair of CSW:-


Neeraj is currently in 11th grade in VelocIITy. He is honored to serve as the vice chair of the CSW. His journey of Model United Nations began in 2016, and since then he has been attending a lot of conferences, both in the capacity of a delegate and an executive board member. He believes that MUN provides a platform for young minds to gather around and discuss major issues of the world. Apart from MUNs, he plays Table Tennis and is an otaku.

He is looking forward to see you all and have a fruitful debate.


Introducing the Rapporteur of CSW:-


Sheryl is a 11th grader at P. Obul Really Public School. She has been MUNning since about 3 years and is very passionate about humanitarian committees. She is a proud feminist and has a vision for the society to be the kind that provides equal opportunities for both women and men.
Sheryl strongly believes that a Model UN conference does not only improve a delegate’s public speaking and negotiation skills but also provides them an opportunity to enhance their knowledge regarding a lot of world issues.
Sheryl is also a photography fanatic, and if not found clicking pictures of anything aesthetic, you’ll find her listening to music or watching shows on Netflix.
Sheryl is excited to be serving on the Executive Board and looks forward to BVBARRS MUN 2018 and hopes to make it a memorable experience for her delegates.