Introducing the Secretary-General – Ranya Kaurr



Ranya is a conscientious and dedicated girl who has won many prizes in numerable MUNs that she attended. She is a public speaker as well. Her leisure pursuit entails writing poems and articles and playing badminton. She is a strong believer that MUN is not just about acquiring apprehension but also a forum for meeting new people with different mindsets as she loves dealing with dissimilar psychologies. She is committed and accountable for her work.
She looks forward to serving you with the same unmatchable enthusiasm at BVBARRS MUN 2018.

Introducing the Director-General- Srivatsa Anidruth

Srivatsa Anidruth is an enthusiastic and inquisitive debater and MUNner. He loves reading and aspires to become a doctor. He has won a number of awards in competitive exams. He is a certified Carnatic classical vocalist who is presently pursuing a third-year degree in Carnatic music. He is an incipient quizzer and loves to participate and broaden his knowledge through them. He enjoys solving brain teasers and puzzles and playing badminton, basketball, and chess in his free time.

He is happy to serve you as the Director General at BVBARRS MUN 2018.

Introducing the USG IT- Dhatri Manaswini


Manaswini is a versatile artist and an all-rounder. She has participated in many activities, competitions, and events within and on behalf of the school. Her favorite pastime is singing and watching reality shows on TV. For the passion and skill that Manaswini has towards designing, she fills this role aptly.

She is delighted to serve you as the USG IT at BVBARRS MUN 2018

Introducing the USG Finance – Lakshmi Sanskruti


 Lakshmi Sanskruti is dynamic, focused, balanced and committed towards her goals in life. She aces herself not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities. She is an aspiring guitarist and Carnatic vocal singer. She actively leads in all group activities and her teammates enjoy working with her. She sees MUN as an opportunity to hone her creative and interpersonal skills.

She is keen to serve you as the USG Finance at BVBARRS MUN 2018.

Introducing the USG Finance  – Sai Sriya Tulluri

Sriya Tulluri is highly versatile, self-motivated and hardworking. She is very passionate about singing and has won laurels. Painting and dancing are her other hobbies. She is very competitive and talented. She believes that MUN is an event to discuss important issues, share knowledge and ideas, and gain confidence as well as good experience.

She is looking forward to serving as the USG finance at BVBARRS MUN 2018.

Introducing the USG External Affairs – Mayank Jain Banda Mutha


Mayank Jain Banda Mutha is a cool-headed person with clear and democratic decisions. He is logical and persuasive. He likes to socialize and thinks MUN is the right place to do that. He is a great science enthusiast who likes to play badminton. Writing poems is his favorite pastime. He thinks that MUN is much more than just Geo-Politics.

He is looking forward to serve you as the USG External Affairs at the BVBARRS MUN 2018.

Introducing the USG External Affairs – Hitisha Jain


Hitisha Jain is a passionate Kuchipudi dancer and a sportswoman. She is optimistic by nature and loves to do creative things in her leisure time. She truly believes that MUN is a place where delegates represent different nations and stand united to the very objective of global peace and harmony among the nations. It is also a platform which helps to develop confidence and a stronger awareness of global issues and make new friends.

She looks forward to serve you as your USG external affairs at BVBARRS MUN 2018.

Introducing the USG Delegate Affairs- Ayan Datta


Ayan Datta is a composed resolutionist who has taken part in a number of competitions. He is a budding musician and a good basketball player. Composing music and playing soccer are his favorite pastime. He believes that MUN is not only an event to discuss international issues but also a platform to make good friends, exchange ideas and have a great experience. He can skillfully manage problems with a cool head.

He cannot wait to serve you as the USG Delegate Affairs at BVBARRS MUN 2018.

Introducing the OC Head- Shivani Nambiar


Shivani Nambiar is a goal oriented and hardworking person. She is a passionate dancer and has taken part in various competitions. She is very creative and likes being a perfectionist at all times. She has a good sense of humor and stays focused at all times. She believes that a MUN is a grooming opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow.

She is glad to serve you as the OC head at BVBARRS MUN 2018.

Introducing the OC Head- Shriya


Shriya is diligent and a very compassionate person. She loves to debate and is an enthusiastic MUNner. She believes that MUN provides all the delegates a platform to enhance their knowledge on a wide number of world issues. She is an elegant dancer and an avid reader. Also, she is a loquacious person and finds delight in meeting new people.

She will be pleased to serve you as the OC Head and assures every delegate a great time at BVBARRS MUN 2018.

Introducing the USG Press & Media- Dhanya Sahana Inuganti

Sahana Inuganti is a versatile worker and extremely passionate about what she does. You will either see her debating about social norms or with her face buried in a book. She enjoys playing basketball and finds solace in public speaking and writing. She aspires to be fortunate enough to help make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate ones. She believes that MUNs trigger self-confidence and broaden perspectives.

She is delighted to serve you as the USG Press and Media at BVBARRS MUN 2018.

Introducing the USG Press & Media- Sai Navya


Navya is a jovial and fun-loving girl. Her friendly nature makes people around her feel at ease. She loves to read books and listen to music in her free time. She is always excited to learn and take to heart the wisdom great men and women have left behind. She believes MUN inculcates public speaking and improves an individual’s debating skills. She also believes MUN provides a learning experience and helps one to develop some amazing relationships.

Navya is looking forward to serve you as USG Press and Media at BVBARRS MUN 2018.

Introducing the USG Venue Management- Srikar Babu Gadipudi


Srikar Babu is humble and a kind-hearted person. He is wonderful at managing people and respectful towards elders. Playing outdoors and gaming are his hobbies. He firmly believes that MUN improves an individual’s social skills and public speaking. He gives innovative ideas to tackle complications.

He eagerly awaits to perform duties as USG Venue management at BVBARRS MUN 2018.

Introducing USG Venue Management- Nasira Banu


Nasira Banu is a budding artist and has taken part in many activities. She loves to interact with new people and can skilfully manage to sort any problem. She believes that Model UN is not only a platform to improve an individual’s speaking skills but also an excellent opportunity to enhance their knowledge on a wide number of world issues. She wishes all the delegates good luck and hopes they have an enjoyable experience at the MUN.

She looks forward to serve you as the USG Venue Management at BVBARRS MUN 2018.

Introducing USG Logistics- Sunaisha Addanki


Sunaisha Addanki is a diligent diplomat with a dynamic personality. She is a skilled musician with great talent in playing the guitar. She is an efficient worker who is very adaptable towards anyone and anything. Among her versatile skill set, her resourcefulness, persistence, and spontaneity are her best abilities. Listening to music and reading novels are her favorite pastimes. Sunaisha is a proficient MUNner who believes that MUNs are the best platforms debate and express one’s thoughts.

She is thrilled to serve you as the USG Logistics at BVBARRS MUN 2018.

Introducing USG Hospitality- Ananya Narumanchi


Ananya is a very ambitious and focused individual who is a great MUNner with her feet on the ground.  She is a keen learner and music is her passion and has been a student of Carnatic Music for the last several years and has won many laurels in the World of Music.  She is passionate and an avid reader and believes that issues need a platform to be discussed and resolved and hence MUN it is!

She is very pleased and excited to serve you as the USG Hospitality at BVBARRS MUN 2018.

Introducing USG Marketing- Meghna Varanasi

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Meghna is a bubbly and fun-loving person and is an avid quizzer. She is a public speaker, loves to dance and is a budding cricket player. She indulges in books and they are her favorite pastime. She believes that a MUN hones a person’s debating skills and instills a sense of confidence in that person. She has a different perspective and looks at problems from all angles.
She is looking forward to serving you as the USG Marketing at BVBARRS MUN 2018.

Introducing USG Marketing- Mukund Dittakavi


Mukund is an entrepreneur and a debater. He is a chemistry geek and prefers to read books in his pastime. Mukund tends to socialize a lot and loves interacting with new people. He believes that MUNs are all about making new friends, debating and improving one’s social skills.

He is looking forward to serve you as the USG Marketing at BVBARRS MUN 2018.